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Tuition & Scholarships


Tuition Enrollment Fee Application Fee
¥535,800/year ¥282,000 ¥30,000
*Information might change without a previous notice.




Each year, up to 18 successful applicants will receive either
(1) Japanese Government (or MEXT) Scholarships or
(2) International Undergraduate Program Scholarships, the scholarships specifically established for participants in our International Undergraduate Programs.
All applicants are eligible to apply for (2) unless they waive their right.
There are also privately funded scholarships available after you start studying at Kyushu University.

For more details visit us,


Before the enrollment
Japanese Government
MEXT Scholarships (a) By Embassy Recommendation
(b) By University Recommendation
  • Slot for Unspecified Programs
  • Slot for Designated Programs
Other types of Scholarships Foreign government Scholarships
Other Scholarships
After the enrollment
Japanese Government
MEXT Scholarships (c) Through University Nomination
Other types of Scholarships JASSO Honors Scholarships
Other Scholarships
Information might change without a previous notice.


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Scholarship program was established to increase the number of international students enrolled in Japanese universities. You can apply for a MEXT Scholarship in any of the following ways.

(a) By Embassy Recommendation
Japanese embassies/consulates accept applications on behalf of the MEXT, which then makes a decision on the scholarship recipients.

(b) By Kyushu University Recommendation
Kyushu University recommends candidates to the MEXT, which in turn selects the scholarship recipients.
Qualified candidates may apply for any program the University offers (slots for unspecified programs), but they may have a better chance of being awarded a scholarship if they apply for special programs offered by the Graduate School of Engineering (slots for designated programs*).
* Pending MEXT approval. For details of the programs, please contact the Graduate School of Engineering.

(c) Through Kyushu University Nomination
To apply for a MEXT Scholarship in this category, the candidate must already be a student enrolled at Kyushu University. The MEXT makes the final decision based on the recommendations made by the University.

For more information on all aspects of MEXT scholarships, please visit:

For inquiries about MEXT scholarships, please contact:
International Student Exchange Division,
International Affairs Department, Kyushu University
Email :

Applicants from the PRC must undergo different procedures. For details, please visit:
Check for further requirements on the MEXT Website
Nationality Applicants must be citizens of countries that have diplomatic relationships with the Japanese government. Japanese are not eligible.
Age Limit Applicants must be under 35 years of age on April 1, 2011 (YLP applicants: under 40 years of age).
Academic Requirements Applicants must be graduates of Japanese university or have a level of academic ability equal or superior to that of a Japanese university graduate.
Major Field of Study Applicants should apply for the field of study they studied at their previous university, or any related field.
Time of Arrival Applicants must be able to arrive in Japan within two weeks of the date specified by the receiving university as the beginning of the semester.

The application schedule, procedure, eligibility, benefits, and duration differ according to the scholarship type. Please obtain the relevant information from the appropriate sources (e.g. , websites)


The Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO) grants scholarships to privately financed international students after their enrollment at Kyushu University.


Various scholarship opportunities are granted by private foundations, international associations, and local governments.
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