Aerospacce Propulsion


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Aerospacce Propulsion


At the Aerospace Propulsion Laboratory, out of aerospace propulsion systems, research on airbreathing engines used for the aircrafts are mainly executed. Our main reserach objects are the internal flows which changes with time, i.e., the determininstic unsteady flows such as flutter of blade rows and fan noise from jet engines, and the stochastic flows originated from turbulence such as the jet noise from aerospace propusion systems and the fan broad band noise which is of our concern recently. We are working on numerical predition, elucidation of engineering phenomena, and reduction of undesired phemnomena of the time-changing internal flows. We also address to the mixing and combusion enehacement which is one of crucial issues in the hi-speed propulsion systems. Our reseach methods inculde the numreical calculation based on the computational fluid dymnamics (CFD) and utilization of the experimental facilities such as the jet experimental setup in an anechoic chamber and the fan experimental rig.


Active noise control of a fan noise is executed on the experimental fan rig. By generating the spinning counter-active acoustic modes with the loud speakers mounted on the duct peripheral, a fan noise which is the interaction noise of the rotor and stator blades is to be suppressed in the present experiment.


Professor Nobuhiko Yamasaki
Research Associate Yuzo Inokuchi

The Main Research Topics

  • Flutter of Turbomachinery Blades Rows
  • Prediction, Elucidation, and Reduction of Fan and Jet Noises from Jet Engines
  • Mixing and Combustion Enhancement of High Speed Propulsion Systems
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