Guidance and Control


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Guidance and Control



Planetary exploration rover
with spherically isotropic leg arrangement

The Guidance and Control Laboratory does research on the control of spacecraft and autonomous systems. The laboratory's main research consists of the following two topics. The first one is control of nonholonomic systems. Nonholonomic systems are nonlinear systems which have non-integrable constraints. Spacecraft, space robots, tether satellites, solar sailcraft, etc. have such constraints. Using the nonholonomic constraints allows a reduction in the number of actuators of the systems. The other research topic is research and development of autonomous systems. A typical example is a planetary exploration rover. Rovers with spherically isotropic leg arrangement are studied as a means of maintaining mobility on rough terrain. Also, terrain recognition techniques using camera systems are included in their research.


Professor Shinji Hokamoto
Associate Professor Mai Bando

The Main Research Topics

  • Control of Nonlinear Systems with Non-holonomic Constraints
  • Research and Development of Autonomous Systems
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