Space Utilization Science and Technology


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Space Utilization Science and Technology



Ground model of test loop for ISS
(International Space Station) experiment


Pool boiling apparatus onboard Airbus A300
in Bordeaux, France, 2008

To obtain the fundamental knowledge on the handling of waste heat during space missions, heat transfer experiments are conducted under microgravity conditions by Space Utilization Science and Technology Laboratory (SUSTL). The requirement of high-reliability, small and lightweight for space equipments holds true also for the development of high-performance thermal management systems for ground applications which promotes the energy conservation and global environmental protection, e.g. development of compact and high-performance inverter cooling systems for hybrid automobiles for the next generation, and cooling systems for a large-scale data center not depending on air conditioners.
At the moment, to perform on-orbit experiment of boiling and two-phase flow onboard ISS (International Space Station) scheduled in 2014, extensive ground tests on the specification of experimental setup are performed collaborated with JAXA (The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), and domestic and international research organizations. Based on the activity undertaken by ITT (International Topical Team) on liquid-vapor two-phase systems, additionally to the organization of annual international workshop, microgravity experiments by using aircraft are performed and newly planned in collaboration with ESA (European Space Agency) and European laboratories working in the same discipline.


Professor Haruhiko Ohta
Assistant Professor Yasuhisa Shinmoto
Assistant Professor Shuji Nagasaki

The Main Research Topics

  • Boiling and two-phase flow experiments onboard International Space Station (ISS) collaborated with JAXA
  • Microgravity experiments collaborated with ESA on liquid-vapor two-phase systems by parabolic flight campaign
  • Development of high-performance thermal management systems for data center by using flow boiling in narrow channels
  • Heat transfer characteristics by flow boiling in a single mini-tube and clarification of dominant force regime map
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