Applied Inorganic Chemistry


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Applied Inorganic Chemistry



Examples of synthetic inorganic particles
with various morphologies
(SEM photographs)

Our research interests are focused on the preparation and the fanctionalization of ceramics which encompasses the preparation of high-activity inorganic catalysts (e.g. photocatalyst and combustion catalyst for environmental purification, and redox catalyt for batteries), the design of engineering ceramics (e.g. high-temperature structural material) and the development of energy-conversion materials (e.g. thermoelectric conversion elements, semiconductor ceramics for soler cell and electret with a significant amount of surface charges). Our primal approach for varying fanctions of ceramics is to controll an aggregate condition of elements, ions, clusters, defects and particles on a scale of subnanometer to millimeter accuracy. As a part of these studies, we are attempting to contribute to sustainable social and economic development.


Professor Katsuro Hayashi
Associate Professor Hirofumi Akamatsu
Assistant Professor George Hasegawa

The Main Research Topics

  • Development of new-type batteries and elemental materials
    (ceramic electrolyte, materials for porous electrodes)
  • Active-anion derived functional ceramics
  • Sonoprocess for ceramics
  • Novel carbon materials and application to super-capacitor
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