Organic Functional Molcular Chemistry


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Organic Functional Molcular Chemistry



Doubly N-Confused Hexaphyrin that can sense Zn2+ ions in water.

Aimes of our research is to develop the next generation of functional molecules using artificial mloecular evolutions of attractive biomolecules such as porphyrins and RNAs. Through evolutinonal approaches, we can synthesize a variety of functional molecules and further develop conceptually novel methodologies toward unprecedent materials. Our research will contribute to an achivement of sustainable world by solving the enviromental and energy issues.


Professor Hiroyuki Furuta
Associate Professor Soji Shimizu
Assistant Professor Motoki Toganoh
Assistant Professor Masatoshi Ishida

The Main Research Topics

  • Design and synthesis of novel functional materials based on natural biomolecules
  • Development of organic materials with novel functions
  • Artificial design and evolution of novel functional RNAs
  • Exploitation of biomolecular chemistry of porphyrin related molecules
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