Functional Systems Chemistry


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Functional Systems Chemistry



Interfacial Spectroscopy for Polymers

With the advent of modern nanotechnology, we believe that tiny organic devices with excellent functionality will be assembled in the near future. To do so, every elemental piece of materials must be as small and/or thin as possible. Polymeric materials are, of course, involved in such a trend. When a material decreases in size, the ratio of surfaces and interfaces to the total volume for the material drastically increases. Since the surfaces and interfaces are in different energy states compared with the inside (bulk), structures and physical properties at surfaces and interfaces are supposed to be different from the corresponding bulk ones. Thus, if we are able to precisely understand and control structure and physical properties at the surfaces and interfaces, the performance of the polymeric materials will be promisingly improved. Under this concept, we have been doing experimental works focusing on polymer science, physical chemistry and surface science.


Professor Keiji Tanaka
Associate Professor Hisao Matsuno
Associate Professor Atsuomi Shundo

The Main Research Topics

  • Precise synthesis of polymers with special architectures
  • Structure and physical properties of polymeric solids
  • Development of nano- and bulk-materials based on interfacial functionalization
  • Nano-bio application of synthetic polymers
  • Structure and physical properties of supramolecular gels
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