Applied Analytical Chemistry


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Applied Analytical Chemistry



Multicolor laser display "Rainbow Stars"

In our laboratory, we are developing sensitive as well as selective analytical means for detection of environmental pollutants and for analysis of living cells and biological macromolecules. We are also creating non-linear optical technologies to realize lasers with ultimate spectral and temporal properties. In order to contribute to industrial communities, we are collaborating with a few companies through a venture company constructed in our laboratory. The goal of our laboratory is to improve people's activities by practical applications of our advanced analytical techniques.


Associate Professor Shin-ichi Zaitsu

The Main Research Topics

  • Development of ultimate multi-color ultrashort pulse lasers
  • Sensitive and selective analysis of environmental pollutants by supersonic jet/multiphoton ionization/mass spectrometry
  • Development of high performance separation methods for the analysis of biological substances
  • Development of a fluorescence lifetime imaging microscope and its application to living cells
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