Organic Photo-electronics


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Organic Photo-electronics



A flexible OLED device

With the commercialization of displays and lighting based on organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), the developing research field of organic optoelectronics has attracted a great amount of attention. This research lab is aiming to create the next generation of organic-based devices with the potential to shape the future of society by establishing the principles of molecular exciton engineering and developing new functional materials to allow the control of key properties and processes in organic devices such as molecular energy levels and exciton recombination. To accomplish these goals, we are pursuing a multidisciplinary approach with five major areas: computational quantum chemistry, organic synthesis, device design, process control, and optoelectronic device physics. Building off a base of OLED technologies, we are striving to develop new high-performance devices with high-added value such as organic transistors, organic solar cells, and organic semiconductor lasers. Other goals include fabricating nano-structured devices, controlling molecular orientation, and realizing bio-compatible electronics.


Professor Chihaya Adachi
Associate Professor Hajime Nakanotani
Assistant Professor Kenichi Goushi

The Main Research Topics

  • Researches on organic electronics materials and device physics
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