Applied Photochemistry


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Applied Photochemistry



Concept of plasmon enhancement of
photoelectric conversion and luminescence

The 21st century can be called the "century of light." Light functions as both energy (photon) and information (wave). Thus, the creation of novel materials as well as the development of method to control and converse light (photon) is powerful strategies for leading "Green Innovation". To realize these issues, we have been struggling to create innovative photofunctional materials such as unique solar cells by cooperatively organizing organic-inorganic compounds and metal nanoparticles, by mimicking the basic principle of photosynthesis. Also, we have been leading "Plasmonics" that is expected as a future photo-science and technology.


Professor Sunao Yamada
Associate Professor Hiroaki Yonemura
Assistant Professor Yukina Takahashi

The Main Research Topics

  • Development of organic solar cells
  • Photonic applications of gold nanoparticles
  • Study on Plasmonics
  • Study on Spin Chemistry and Magneto-Science
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