Artificial Enzyme Chemistry


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Artificial Enzyme Chemistry



Molecular Systems Evolved from Hisaeda Laboratory

Our research projects concern with the synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical/photochemical properties of new materials composed of a diverse array of molecular components including vitamin B12, porphyrin derivatives, transition-metal complexes, and clusters for use in eco-friendly catalysis and for promoting functional innovation of molecular compounds with excellent abilities in recognition, sensing, and chromic properties.


Professor Yoshio Hisaeda
Associate Professor Hisashi Shimakoshi
Assistant Professor Toshikazu Ono
Assistant Professor Taro Koide

The Main Research Topics

  • Development of Vitamin B12 Motif for eco-friendly catalysis and efficient molecular transformation
  • Molecular recognition and reactions of dicobalt complexes
  • Development of new tetrapyrrole macrocycles exhibiting remarkable light-harvesting properties
  • Synthesis and functional chemistry of redox-active giant metal clusters
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