Chemistry for Molecular Systems


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Chemistry for Molecular Systems



Fluorescence nanoparticles self-assembled
from biomolecules and rare-earth ions

My research group is broadly interested in self-assembling phenomena and involves identifying problems of fundamental significance in nanochemistry. Our approach involves the synthesis of materials that contain both molecular, biomolecular and inorganic components, and study of their structure and properties by a variety of physical techniques. In general, we use the tools of synthetic and physical organic chemistry to address problems at the interface of chemistry, biochemistry and materials science.


Professor Nobuo Kimizuka
Associate Professor Teppei Yamada
Associate Professor Nobuhiro Yanai
Assistant Professor Masa-aki Morikawa

The Main Research Topics

  • Development of innovative nanomaterials in which the organized structures are controlled in molecular level
  • Creation of novel nano-interfaces and their functions
  • Chemistry for molecular assembly using biomoleculs and their motifs
  • Nano-interface materials based on self-organization in ionic liquid
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