Advanced Nanomaterials Chemistry


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Advanced Nanomaterials Chemistry



Our fuel cell electrocatalyst
composed of Pt/polymer-wrapped carbon nanotubes

The key material of our research is next-generation nanomaterials featured in the structure dimensionality, which is represented by carbon nanotubes. Our research targets expand from fundamental chemistries to application development. In particular, nanostructural analyses of the materials are carried out by using state-of-the-art instruments and novel analytical methods. Our findings through the approaches are leading to novel nanomaterial fabrication including energy materials, biomaterials, and advanced functional materials.


Professor Naotoshi Nakashima
Associate Professor Tsuyohiko Fujigaya
Assistant Professor Tomohiro Shiraki

The Main Research Topics

  • Study on electronic structures of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs)
  • Separation of semiconducting and metallic SWNTs based on molecular recognition chemistry
  • Design and creation of nanocarbon-based novel fuel cells with high performance Nanocarbon-based functional polymer hybrids materials and their bio/medical applications
  • Design and creation of novel dimension-controlled organic nanomaterials
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