Biochemical Engineering


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Biochemical Engineering



Functional Cosmetics
Produced by Nanotechnology

We study on four main topics: 1) Pharmaceutical engineering, 2) Interfacial engineering, 3) Enzyme Engineering, and Biomolecular engineering. Professor Goto focuses on the development of novel transdermal drug delivery systems and industrial application of molecular assembly. Professor Kamiya works on protein engineering and bioconversion using enzymes. The goal of our study is to create a novel maerial or an efficient molecular device using biomolecular functions.


Professor Masahiro Goto
Professor Noriho Kamiya
Assistant Professor Fukiko Kubota
Assistant Professor Rie Wakabayashi

The Main Research Topics

  • Development of Novel Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems and Functional Cosmetics
  • Protein Engineering Utilizing Microbial Trans Glutaminase
  • Bioconversion Using Biocatalysts
  • Novel Reaction and Separation Processes Using Ionic Liquids
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