Biomedical and Bomaterial Chemistry


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Biomedical and Bomaterial Chemistry



Biochip (under left)
and drug delivery system (under right)
using a functional molecule
responding to intracellular signals

We are studing on development of novel biotechnologies that engineer the cellular functions, e.g., development of bio-chips for diagnosis, in which intracellular signals exhaustively are analyzed, and development of drug delivery system responding to the intracellular signals. We are also developing functional drug delivery systems controlled by photothermal effect of gold nanoparticles and novel bio-device based on functional polymers.


Professor Yoshiki Katayama
Associate Professor Akihiro Kishimura
Associate Professor Takeshi Mori

The Main Research Topics

  • Development of bio-chip that analyzes intracellular signals exhaustively
  • Development of drug delivery system responding to intracellular signals
  • Development of functional drug delivery system combining gold nanoparticles and near infrared light irradiation
  • Screening of functional polymers and development of bio-devices based on the polymers
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