Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology


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Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology



Micrograph of a skeletal muscle tissue
induced from C2C12 cells

Biological systems have generated ingeniousness by evolving their processes from an individual level to combined levels (from gene to cell, and tissue/organ to organism). The aim of our laboratory's research is the development of new biotechnology by analyzing the complexity of biological systems and life phenomena, and by attempting to reconstruct these artificially. We are particularly interested in researches with respect to; 1) development of tissue engineering techniques; 2) biopharmaceuticals production using transgenic bioreactors; 3) proliferation and differentiation of stem cells; 4) development of gene transfer techniques; and 5) molecular biology of functional cells.


Professor Masamichi Kamihira
Associate Professor Akira Ito
Assistant Professor Yoshinori Kawabe

The Main Research Topics

  • Development of tissue engineering techniques
  • Biopharmaceuticals production using transgenic bioreactors
  • Development of gene transfer techniques
  • Molecular biology of functional cells
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