Thermal Energy Systems


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Thermal Energy Systems



Visualized flow pattern
in an evaporating droplet on a substrate


Photograph of microwave non-thermal
plasma of fire-resistant fluid

We aim at securing necessary energy without excessive use of fossil fuels and preventing environmental destruction due to waste; in other words, our goal is utilizing energy effectively and conserving resources. Therefore, the development of technology for effective utilization of thermal energy and unused energy and the development of systems for energy conversion which can contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions are studied. Moreover, the development of manufacturing processes of electric devices which save energy and resources is studied because conventional manufacturing processes consume large amounts of energy.


Professor Jun Fukai
Associate Professor Tsuyoshi Yamamoto
Assistant Professor Koichi Nakaso

The Main Research Topics

  • Heat transfer enhancement of thermal equipment for effective utilization of waste heat
  • Development of energy conservation process for manufacturing devices by inkjet printing method
  • Analysis and evaluation of reaction behavior of coal under volatile CO2/O2 environment
  • Development of new combustion technology using microwave non-thermal plasma
  • Computational fluid dynamics and application to industrial devices for fine mist cooling
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