Process Systems Engineering


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Process Systems Engineering



Example of the signed digraph (SDG)
for fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU)

Our laboratory is developing computer-aided systems for supporting the design and operation of chemical processes in consideration with the environment and safety. Our main subjects are as follows. (1) Process design: multi-agent systems framework is introduced to a decision making problem with multi-object and multi-subject such as a trade-off problem between the energy cost and the equipment cost. (2) Operation management: Signed digraphs (SDG) are very useful to represent the cause-effect relationship in a chemical plant. The fault diagnosis system based on SDG has been developed in order to assist operator judgment and decision making when an abnormal situation happens in a chemical plant. Additionally, we have developed a system for estimating errors contained in measurements of sensors during normal operation. (3) Safety assessment: we have proposed a system for generating a route of fault propagation using the concept of SDG to support HAZOP study.


Professor Yoshifumi Tsuge
Assistant Professor Naoki Kimura
Research Associate Akemi Fujihara

The Main Research Topics

  • Study on Fault Diagnosis System for Chemical Plants
  • Study on Safety and Operation Management of Chemical Plants
  • Study on Failure Diagnosis and Error Estimation of Flow Meters
  • Process Design Support System using Multi-agents for Reduction of Environmental Burden
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