Biomaterials Engineering


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Biomaterials Engineering



Blood vessel network (left), Reconstructed liver tissue (right).
Image of Reconstruction of liver by liver tissue engineering

We are interested in functional biomaterials for practical bioprocesses. For example, functional biomaterials such as growth factor-immobilized biomaterial, hydrogel formation by using enzyme reaction and photo polymerization, culture substratum including cell adhesive sequence and immobilized enzyme have been developed. Furthermore, practical technology for regenerative medicine such as liver tissue engineering, organ model having blood vessel network, cell chip for the evaluation of cell functions, environmental purification technology, and green technology such as biodiesel production by immobilized enzyme have been developed by utilizing these functional biomaterials.


Associate Professor Hiroyuki Ijima

The Main Research Topics

  • Practical tissue engineering technology for medical treatment
  • Functional materials for medical engineering and environmental purification
  • Cell chip for the estimation of organ-specific cell functions and drug metabolism
  • Immobilized enzyme or encapsulated microbe for green technology
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