Bio-Nano Interface Engineering


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Bio-Nano Interface Engineering



Clearance of bee venom toxin
from bloodstream of living mice
by the plastic antibodies (right).
Control experiment without injection
of plastic antibodies (left).
Color representing biodistribution
of the toxin in vivo.

We are developing functional materials that mimic molecular recognition mechanisms in nature. A number of functional polymers (glycopolymers, dendrimers and plastic antibodies), that are capable of recognizing specific biomacromolecules, are being designed for protein adsorbent, biosensing and therapeutic application. In the meantime, we are trying to achieve deeper understanding of the macromolecular recognition mechanisms in nature. To accelerate innovation, we are always open for collaboration with industries.


Professor Yoshiko Miura
Associate Professor Yu Hoshino

The Main Research Topics

  • Pathogen Remover with Glycopolymers
  • Biointerface with Dendrimers
  • Development of Monoclonal Plastic Antibodies
  • Analysis of Viscoelasticity and Binding Kinetics of Plastic Antibodies
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