Structure Analysis


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Structure Analysis



Infrared thermography image
of an existing RC structure
and stress analysis at micro scale

In order to provide safe and comfortable infra-structures, a performance evaluation against impact (high speed) loadings and a deterioration diagnosis of existing concrete structures has been developing in our laboratory. Several kinds of computer simulation based on the solid mechanics and structural engineering has been utilized to perform our research. In the fundamental research of a performance evaluation against impact loading, new simulators, including particle simulation, incorporated with damage mechanics and fluid mechanics has been developed. The goal is to design the Rock-Shed, derailment barrier of bullet train (Shinkansen) and flood-tide barrier. In addition, for the research of a deterioration diagnosis, a new hybrid nondestructive testing with hammering and infrared thermography is developing to expand the applicability and to increase the accuracy of the diagnosis of existing structures with various damage level.


Professor Yoshimi Sonoda
Associate Professor Mitsuteru Asai
Assistant Professor Hiroki Tamai

The Main Research Topics

  • Development research of a new hybrid nondestructive diagnosis system using the hammering test and infrared thermography
  • Performance evaluation of RC structures against impact and high speed loading
  • Fluid Structure Interaction simulator by coupling a particle method and FEM
  • Fast dynamic FE analysis for large scaled problems
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