Earthquake Engineering


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Earthquake Engineering



Shaking Table Test
for the arch bridge model

We aim at improving the safety of the civil structures against severe earthquakes as well as protecting the lives and property of the citizen who utilize the civil structures. To achieve the goal, we have to develop the structures which have superior seismic performance. Our laboratory conducts the several researches such as establishing the evaluation of the strengh of the structural members, figuring out the seismic performance of the structures, investigating the effctiveness of the technique of earthquake resistence, base isolation and strcutrual control, and so on. Moreover, we research the damage risk of the existing structures due to the severe earthquakes. Taking advantage of the accomplishments, we aim at raising public awareness of disaster prevention issues.


Associate Professor Yukihide Kajita
Assistant Professor Choi Joonho

The Main Research Topics

  • Restoring characteristics of RC members under combined loads of both bending and torsion
  • Evaluation of seismic performance of underground structures
  • Evaluation of the seismic performance of elevated bridges considered with the abutment
  • Analysis on traffic risk of highway bridges due to severe ground excitations
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