Structural and Aesthetic Design


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Structural and Aesthetic Design


It is composed of two study groups of "Structure system" that centers on Hino, Kainuma, Yamaguchi and "Glandscape system" that centers on Higuchi, Takao on the research side. In structure system group, the development of structural materials is researched to aim at safety and the durability of the infrastructure such as bridges. In addition, research activities are widely developed with the design and maintenance of the existing structures from face short-term problem to mid/long-term problem that stares at the future. Groundscape group take method of citizen participation and practice various activities. For example, harmony with structure and nature environment or social environment, preservation and practice use for civil engineering heritage, city planning and so on.


"Corrosion behavior of painted steel with Artificial defect"
Corroded specimen after combined-cycle acceralated exposure test


"Design of Onga riverside at Nogata,Fukuoka (The first prize of Civil Engineering Design Award 2009 in Japan)"
Civil Workshops (consisted of MLIT Ongagawa Office of River, citizens of Nogata City and the Kyushu University) study and implement river improvement. It removed the old concrete revetment and rebuild the gradually slanted dry riverbed. As a result, we can create water amenity space, and nature friendly river.


Professor Shinichi Hino
Associate Professor Shigenobu Kainuma
Assistant Professor Shigetada Hatakeyama

The Main Research Topics

  • Development of high-performance hybrid structure with high durability and its reasonable design method
  • Development of simulator for time-dependent deterioration of steel structure using spatial statistical model considered corrosive environments
  • Design of Onga riverside at Nogata city, Fukuoka (The first prize of Civil Engineering Design Award 2009 in Japan)
  • Design and community development of waterfront at Karatsu city, Saga
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