Concrete Engineering


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Concrete Engineering


Subject of our laboratory is concrete, which is the most used construction material in the world for infrastructures, and is essential to our life and economic activities. The purposes of research and education are to construct the concrete structures with performances for carrying load and durability, and to extend the lifetime of existing structures. Also, in the future, concrete structures will be required to harmonize with environment. Important topics in this laboratory are estimation of durability of materials such as chloride diffusion and recycling system. In addition, we are working on diagnosis and repair of concrete structures in order to extend the lifetime of structures. Long lifetime, high durability and recycling can contribute toward sustainable society.


Diagnosis and Assessment of Concrete Bridge for Extension of Lifetime:
Infrastructures have supported our daily lives and economic activities, and they have been constructed rapidly after the war. Many structures passed so many years from construction, that they will age, and they will require cares as same as human. The results of inspection, diagnosis and assessment are used effectively to the plan of repair and the construction of new structures.


Professor Hidenori Hamada
Associate Professor Yasutaka Sagawa

The Main Research Topics

  • Diagnosis, Assessment and Maintenance of Concrete Structures
  • Recycle System and Reduction of Environmental Impact of Construction Materials
  • Estimation of Performances of Historical Structures and Extension of Lifetime of Structures
  • Development of New Materials with High Durability Under Severe Condition
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