Geo-Disaster Prevention


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Geo-Disaster Prevention



Application of new anti-liquefaction
technique at Tokyo international airport

Japan and Asia are the areas where natural disasters occur very often, and very serious damage and life lost are caused by these disasters every year. The objects of this laboratory are to create a strong society against natural disasters and make people have a happy life without worry about the disasters by developing the following techniques: (a) analysis of large deformation and dynamic problems; (b) risk analysis and management for natural disasters; (c) techniques related to laboratory tests and field investigation in order to understand disaster mechanism, predict and make effective preventive countermeasures for various natural disasters


Professor Guangqi Chen
Associate Professor Kiyonobu Kasama
Assistant Professor Zentaro Furukawa
Technical Staff Yuichi Yahiro

The Main Research Topics

  • Development of New-type resilient breakwater against Large Tsunami
  • Risk Management of Natural Disasters Considering Global Warming
  • Development of GIS System for Landslide Hazard and Risk Mapping and Their Practical Use
  • Earth reinforcement technology against earthquake and localized torrential rain
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