Environmental Geotechnology


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Environmental Geotechnology



Research on the influence factors and
generation mechanism of water turbidity
in the upstream valley of large-scale dam

This laboratory, aims at the establishment of the system of a new ground sphere environmental system for the creation of a better environment, an ideal way of the ideal way of development use of the geosphere and development of construction technologies that furthermore evaluate the influence that these exert on natural environment and the social climate overall, and harmonize with the environment is researched. Moreover, Geographical Information System (GIS) that is the latest information technology is deeply used, and an integrated technology that uses information is developed. Therefore, not only domestic various places but also the area of investigation can be very wide. Problem treated up to now: water engineering, planning, agriculture, in addition, to the technology of the ground and the rock mass engineering. Researches regarding agriculture, ecology, etc are also carried out while cooperating with local government, but also internationally.


Professor Yasuhiro Mitani
Assistant Professor Hiro Ikemi
Research Assistant Professor Ibrahim Djamaluddin

The Main Research Topics

  • Technological solutions for complex spatial-temporal of ground behavior
  • Clarification of characteristic of the ground under various environments
  • Development of GIS-based geo-environmental assessment system
  • Vigorous development that harmonizes with environment and research on operation and maintenance such as facilities
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