Watershed Management


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Watershed Management



Hydraulic and landscape model experiment
for consensus building among citizens

One of the most important themes in our laboratory is considering a relationship between the human activity and natural ecosystem in watershed. We conduct a research in order to construct a good social structure relates to issues of water environment.
Watershed Management research consists of many academic fields, such as natural science, engineering and agriculture. Our study approach is based on engineering, however we also aim to establish a new academic field which integrates the various disciplines. Thus, we conduct many kinds of research including ecological engineering, sedimentation hydraulics, public consensus building, landscape and flood disaster. Therefore, students are able to interact with citizens and to conduct collaborative research with researchers who majors different discipline.


Professor Haruyuki Hashimoto

The Main Research Topics

  • Evaluation research on river restoration projects
  • Research for conservation of Asian biodiversity
  • Research on floods and debris flows
  • Mechanics of sediment transport and its application to sediment control problems
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