Exploration Geophysics


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Exploration Geophysics



Demonstration of Ground Penetrating
Radar Survey at Ito Campus

Geophysical exploration is a scientific technology to visualize subsurface structure using a variety of sensors instead of our eyes. This technique has been used to find energy and mineral resources. In order to develop the mineral resources safely and efficiently, we have to examine the location and extent of subsurface resources in detail. The Exploration Geophysics Laboratory is in charge of the education and research on geophysical exploration to visualize the subsurface for mineral exploration and etc.


Associate Professor Hideki Mizunaga
Associate Professor Hakim Saibi

The Main Research Topics

  • Development of Visualization System for Subsurface Fluid Flow
  • Archaeological Prospecting Using Geophysical Exploration
  • Research on Geophysical Exploration for Marine Resources
  • Research on Geothermal Exploration Using Geophysical Methods
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