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Research and educational concept of our laboratory (left)
and observation of temporal gravity changes by using
an absolute gravimeter for monitoring of mass balance
in a geothermal reservoir (right)

Geothermal energy, which is eco-friendly and completely domestic natural energy, takes the various forms from the high temperature volcanic thermal energy at the deeper part of the underground to the normal temperature geo-heat energy at the shallower part. We comprehend the geothermal energy as a system (the geothermal system) that consists of heat source, fluid and underground structure. And we conduct the theoretical and applied researches and educations for exploration, development and utilization of the ecological and sustainable geothermal energy. The researches contribute not only to the promotion of natural energy utilization and the solution of environmental problems but also to the disaster prevention such as the monitoring of volcanic activity and earthquakes. The graduates of our laboratory mostly join the fields of earth resources, energy, construction and civil engineering.


Professor Yasuhiro Fujimitsu
Associate Professor Takeshi Tsuji
Associate Professor Jun Nishijima

The Main Research Topics

  • Study on the thermal structure of Kuju Volcano
  • Study on mass balance monitoring of subsurface fluid by geodetic observations
  • Study on underground structure and development process of non-volcanic hydrothermal systems
  • Study on utilization of the shallow geo-heat and mitigation of the heat island effect
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