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Resources Production & Safety



Drilling of the wells
for Ito natural analogue field test
for CO2 geological storage

Geological CO2 sequestration are studied for not only reducing CO2 emission but also enhancing hydrocarbon resources production. For example, Enhancing CoalBed Methane Recovery (ECBMR) by injecting CO2 into deep coal seams is expected because coalbet methane can be replaced with CO2 whose adsorption on coal is double that of CH4. Enhancement of Oil Recovery (EOR) is also expected by injecting CO2 into oil reservoirs because oil swelling and viscosity reduction of oil are caused by CO2 dissolution. Moreover, microbial restoration of natural gas deposits by stimulating the microbial conversion reaction of CO2 into CH4 in subsurface is also studied.
On the other hand, the safety and environmental assessments during and after CO2 injection are important for geological CO2 storage. It is required to set up safety guideline and to evaluate long-term environmental changes. We are carrying out a natural-analogue study on the CO2 dispersion and diffusion characteristics in the shallow sediments on this perspective. CO2 dispersion and diffusion characteristics can be measured by gas concentration measurements on the surface. The measurements data are very usuful to build up a numerical model for CO2 effective diffusion from deep sediments to the surface.


Professor Kyuro Sasaki
Associate Professor Masahiro Inoue
Associate Professor Yuichi Sugai

The Main Research Topics

  • Ito Natural Analogue Field Test for CO2 Storage
  • Production of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources such as Coalbed Methane, Heavy Oil, and Methane Hydrate Using CO2 and/or Thermal
  • Hydrogen Conbustion Prevention Techniques for Safe Use of Hydrogen
  • Microbial Techniques for Enhancement Oil/Gas Production
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