Mineral Processing, Recycling & Environmental Remediation


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Mineral Processing, Recycling & Environmental Remediation



Our research focuses on the development of separation technologies to recover valuable materials from the earth's crust resources or from waste products, and treatment of effluents from temporally closed or definitely abandoned mines.
In recent years advanced mineral processing and refining technology needs to deal ever more with the complexity encountered in the separation of these resources. Due to the finite character of our earth's resources, energy and environment capital our research focuses furthermore on the implementation of new models of sustainable resource economies. The further development of environmental protection and resources recycling technologies are hence at the core of our research.


Professor Tsuyoshi Hirajima
Professor Keiko Sasaki
Associate Professor Naoko Okibe
Associate Professor Hajime Miki
Assistant Professor Moriyasu Nonaka

The Main Research Topics

  • Recovery of valuable materials from refractory ores and industrial wastes
  • Remediation of groundwater using environmentally friendly technologies
  • Utilization of Biomass and low rank coal
  • Biomimetic and microbiological approaches to resource recovery
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