Energy Resources Engineering


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Energy Resources Engineering



Production wellpad
at Hachobaru geothermal power plant

In geothermal engineering, the area of our research ranges from geothermal power generation in the deep formation to geothermal heat pumps in shallow ground. For the development of deep geothermal resources, we try to solve variety of problems occurs in the development and production, using reservoir engineering approaches. In the researches of geothermal heat pumps, field tests and numerical simulation are carried out for improving its efficiency and economy, aiming the mitigation of heat island phenomena and reduction of CO2 emission.
In petroleum and natural gas engineering, the development of conventional and unconventional reserves is the targets of our research. Numerical simulation are couples with operation research techniques (for example, GA or ANN) to establish optimum development of hydrocarbon resources.


Professor Ryuichi Itoi
Assistant Professor Toshiaki Tanaka

The Main Research Topics

  • Geothermal heat pump systems
  • Development of oil and natural gas reservoirs
  • Development of geothermal reservoir
  • Well testing
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