Planning of Marine Systems


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Planning of Marine Systems



Optimal Design of Pipe Arrangements

The laboratory aims to establish systems planning methodologies based on feasibility studies of a wide variety of plans proposed in marine systems engineering field. In particular, we are emphasizing systems control and optimization technologies as decisive factors in planning marine systems. From the viewpoint of engineering to produce useful tools for solving problems in the modern world, we have been concerned with global warming issue and mass transportation of resources/products. As for the former, we have studied a control system to automate reentry operations of a riser pipe which is equipped with a vessel drilling the mantle core. The reentry operation always takes a long time because it is hard to predict the underwater behavior of a flexible and long pipe. We have developed an extended DPS (Dynamic Positioning System) to realize stable and fast reentry operations. As for the latter, we need to design and construct vessels more effectively. We have developed software tools which are useful for production scheduling and fitting design, where max-plus algebra and GA (Genetic Algorithm) take important rules.


Professor Hiroyuki Kajiwara
Associate Professor Hajime Kimura

The Main Research Topics

  • Re-entry Control of a Riser Pipe for Ocean Storage of CO2
  • Scheduling of Shipbuilding Lines Based on Max-plus Approach
  • An Automatic Design System for Optimal Pipe Arrangements
  • Logistics Optimization in a shipyard
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