Structural System Engineering


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Structural System Engineering



An example of a numerical result
of a structural module performed by FEA
(Stress distribution
of a double bottom structure)

Ships and offshore structures undergo dynamic load from wave and cargo, and oscillating force induced by engine and propulsion system as well as static loads. To assure the safety of ship and offshore structures, the static and dynamic behavior of the structures under such various loadings must be clarified. In the Structural Systems Engineering Laboratory, the comprehensive research relevant to strength and vibration of marine structures are performed, including crashworthiness and fluid-structure interaction problems. Numerical and experimental techniques and tools for these problems are investigated and developed in the laboratory. In addition, the new structures and structural members are proposed and developed to improve the structural safety and habitability in the future.


Professor Takao Yoshikawa
Associate Professor Yukitaka Yasuzawa
Assistant Professor Masahiro Maeda

The Main Research Topics

  • Structural strength and crashworthiness of vehicles
  • Vibration control and design for ship structures
  • Fluid-structure interaction problems (Slamming, Hydroelasticity, WEC system)
  • Advanced technique of production and inspection procedure(Ultrasonic detection)
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