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Reentry Control of a Riser Pipe for Ocean Storage of CO2


Reentry control system for injection pipe

The photograph shows an experiment conducted to study the reentry control of a model injection pipe suspended from a model vessel, and subjected to a constant current. The injection pipe model, which is 5 m long, is carefully designed to emulate both the displacement of the lower end, and the period of the first oscillation mode of an actual injection. The purpose of the control is to move the hanging injection model until the lower end is positioned just above a target. In the experiment, the displacement of the lower end is measured in real time by cameras fixed to the bottom of a water tank. We designed an automatic controller to generate a command signal for the existing digital positioning system (DPS) based on the measured displacement at the lower end, taking the dynamics of the flexible injection model into account.

Planning of Marine Systems Lab.,
Department of Marine Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University
Professor Hiroyuki Kajiwara
Associate Professor Hajime Kimura
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