Electrochemistry for Materials Processing


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Electrochemistry for Materials Processing



We have been studying on the electrochemistry for materials processing that is the base of the technology in the surface modification of the metal and the field of the electrolytic metallurgy. The electrodeposition of alloys and oxide composites from aqueous solution is especially performed. Because the deposited alloys form the supersaturated solid solution, nonequilibrium metallic compounds and amorphous alloys that cannot be produced pyrometallurgically, it is practically important for producing the materials and the functional conversion-coated films. The alloy deposition is also academically important due to appearance of phenomenon that cannot be explained by a usual electrochemistry theory. The ivestigation of deposition behavior of alloys and oxide composites and the analysis of micro structure and the characteristics of deposits are mailly performed to establish the electrochemical technique for the surface modification and the materials processing with an advanced theoretical rationality.


Professor Hiroaki Nakano
Assistant Professor Satoshi Oue

The Main Research Topics

  • Electrodeposition of Zn-Active Metal Oxide Composites from a Solution without Dispersed Particles
  • Development of Control Technique of Crystal Morphology and Orientation of Deposited Zn
  • Effect of Additive and Impurity in Electrolytic Metallurgy of Cu and Zn
  • Elucidation of Passivation Mechanism of Anode in Cu Electrorefining
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