Physical Chemistry of High-Temperature Melts


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Physical Chemistry of High-Temperature Melts



Wetting behavior of molten silver
on Alumina substrate

Most of fundamental materials (metals, glasses and ceramics) fabricated thorough molten state. The processing of molten materials determines the quality of final products and its production cost. Our research group design the processing of the higher functional products with lower energy consumption from the view points of physical property for molten materials. In addition, we measured highly reliable data of physicochemical properties for molten metals and oxides(viscosity, density, surface tension, wettability etc.); these data should be important information for designing materials processes at elavated temperature.


Professor Kunihiko Nakashima
Associate Professor Noritaka Saito

The Main Research Topics

  • Physical Property Measurement of Molten Oxides and Metals
  • Physical Chemistry of Molten Fluxes and Slags at Elevated Temperature
  • Fabrication and Joining of Advanced Ceramics
  • Fabrication of Oxide-Metal Functional Graduated Material (FGM) by Slip Casting Method
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