Solid Mechanics


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Solid Mechanics



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Analysis result of the fatigue crack
in hydrogen environment
using state-of-the-art apparatus

At the Solid Mechanics Laboratory, study for using safely the material used for a machine is done by exploring the essence of machine material and carrying out science of the safety. It is inquiring by specifically dividing into the following three classes for the industrial material (steel, nonferrous metal, composite material, ceramic and polymeric material) used for machines. (1) Mechanism clarification of fracture and fatigue phenomenon which applied state-of-the-art apparatus. (2) Proposal of the strength predictive-analysis model using the mechanics (a finite element method, micro mechanics, molecular dynamics) of various classes based on the clarified mechanism. (3) Application to the new-materials rapid utilization by applying the proposed model, joining with the other laboratory not only with the other mechanical laboratory.


Professor Hiroshi Noguchi
Associate Professor Shigeru Hamada
Assistant Professor Motomichi Koyama

The Main Research Topics

  • Strength reliability evaluation of fuel cell systems
  • Strength reliability evaluation of new light metal alloy and application to automotive engines
  • Development and evaluation of hybrid composite material and application to big windmill for wind power generator
  • Mode II (shear mode) fatigue crack propagation for rolling contact fatigue
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