Fatigue and Fracture of Materials


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Fatigue and Fracture of Materials



Investigation to determine the cause of the hydrogen leakage
in the hydrogen station in "Ai-chikyu-haku".
- Fatigue fracture of dispenser hose -
(a) Hydrogen station,
(b) Numerical analysis of part in hydrogen leakage.

Use of hydrogen as an alternative energy has been attracting attention from the standpoint of global environmental concerns. Hydrogen generation, storage and transportation are required to build up the entire system. Most metals and their alloys are susceptible to hydrogen, which easily penetrates the metallic materials and degrades the strength characteristics. This is termed as so-called "hydrogen embrittlement". To ensure both the safety and economy of hydrogen energy systems, we have been investigating the basic mechanism for hydrogen embrittlement and analyzing the failure accidents in the demonstration project.


Professor Kaneaki Tsuzaki
Associate Professor Hisao Matsunaga
Assistant Professor Yoshihiro Fukushima

The Main Research Topics

  • The investigation on the effect of hydrogen on fatigue strength properties of metallic materials composing fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen stations
  • The investigation on the basic mechanism for hydrogen embrittlement on fatigue
  • Failure analyses of fuel cell systems, rocket, etc. - To realize safe and secure society
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