Flow Control Systems


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Flow Control Systems



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Limiting streamlines on rotor surfaces
of contra-rotating axial flow pump
(at a partial flow rate)

Flow control systems laboratory is involved in several research themes related to complex flow phenomena in fluid machinery and its compositions. Fluid machinery, which converts the energy between fluids, liquid and gas, such as air and water, and machines, are used in wide variety of situations surrounding us from ventilation fans and water feed pumps for infrastructures, gas/steam turbines and hydroturbines for electric power plants, artificial organs and chemical pumps for medical application and bio/chemical engineering, to fuel feed pumps for transpotational vehicles and aerospace engineering. Our laboratory, flow control systems laboratory, is pursuing our studies toward the developments of safe, reliable, and environmental-free technologies with multi-functions and high performance of fluid machinery, through the research and development of next generation turbopumps, investigation of the abnormal phenomena in complex fluid flow, establishment of effective utilization of renewable energy.


Professor Satoshi Watanabe
Associate Professor Shin-ichi Tsuda
Assistant Professor Yusuke Katayama

The Main Research Topics

  • Study on Complex Internal Flow in Fluid Machinery
  • Research and Development of Next Generation Fluid Machinery
  • Utilization of Renewable Energy by Low Head Hydroturbine
  • Study on Cavitating Flow in Fluid Machinery
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