Fluids Engineering Science


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Fluids Engineering Science



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Internal flow of gas turbine

One of the main research topics of Fluids Engineering Science Laboratory is analysis of complex internal flow fields related to turbomachinery, including vortex structures such as tip leakage vortex, flow separation, aerodynamic noise, and inception of rotating stall, by using large-scale numerical simulations of turbulent flows. The laboratory also works to develop three-dimensional aerodynamic design for rotating blades of turbomachines and novel imaging measurement technique using molecular sensors for EFD analysis.


Professor Masato Furukawa
Associate Professor Hideo Mori
Assistant Professor Kazutoyo Yamada

The Main Research Topics

  • Analysis of unsteady flow phenomena in turbomachinery
  • Research and development of wind-lens wind turbine
  • Analysis of aerodynamic noise and innovation in aerodynamic design for turbomachinery
  • Development and application of optical imaging measurement techniques for EFD
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