Heat and Mass Transfer


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Heat and Mass Transfer



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Research topics of the Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory

The Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory is dedicated particularly but not restricted to the studies on heat and mass transfer in biological systems. Research covers a broad area associated with thermal engineering, bioengineering, and biothermal engineering. Current projects include:
  • Measurement of fluid thermal conductivity with infinitesimal samples using a MEMS sensor.
  • Noninvasive measurement of thermal transport properties of biological materials.
  • Measurement of thermal transport properties of solids and soft materials.
  • Experimental and theoretical modeling of freezing during cryosurgery.
  • Mechanism of cell injury during freezing.
  • Osmotic response and injury of cells.
  • Experimental and theoretical studies on non-thermal irreversible electroporation.
  • Mechanical response of bone cells subjected to repetitive loading.
  • Effect of vibration on bone mass and morphology.


Professor Hiroshi Takamatsu
Associate Professor Kosaku Kurata
Assistant Professor Hai Dong Wang
Research Technician Takanobu Fukunaga

The Main Research Topics

  • Measurement of thermal conductivity of an infinitesimal sample within a millisecond, and thermal transport properties of a solid at a touch or without contact
  • Experimental and theoretical studies on freezing during cryosurgery and cryopreservation
  • Non-thermal medication by irreversible electroporation
  • Mechanically-induced mass transfer in bone and its application for bone regeneration
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