Thermofluid Physics


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Thermofluid Physics



Water droplet
on a super hydrophobic surface


Nano material synthesis by laser processing

We study a thermal transport and thermodynamic phenomena in which phase change phenomena related by experimental and theoretical method. We also study applying these phenomena for development of various devices. The scale of the studied object reaches widely from the macro scale, like the condensation of the heat exchanger for the cooling problem and air-conditioning in the steel manufacture process, to the Nano scale like the development of the micro freezer, the micro processing by the laser ablation, and the synthesis of carbon nanotubes and nanosized particles. Moreover, to establish the intellectual foundation for the hydrogen energy society, we are studying the research on the measurements of a PVT data, a thermal conductivity, and a viscous coefficient of hydrogen in a high-pressure region.


Professor Yasuyuki Takata
Associate Professor Masamichi Kohno
Assistant Professor Naoya Sakoda
Technical Staff for Classes Sumitomo Hidaka

The Main Research Topics

  • Measurement of thermophysical properties of hydrogen at very high pressure and temperature
  • Enhancement and control of phase change heat transfer by controlling of a wettability of surface
  • Study of micro refrigerator
  • Nano material synthesis and micro machining by laser processing
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