Reactive Gas Dynamics


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Reactive Gas Dynamics



The combustion chamber
unique in the world
for turbulent combustion
at high pressure


The images of the hydrogen jet combustion
and the temperature profiles
by numerical simulation

Combustion phenomena are studied in our Reactive Gas Dynamics Laboratory. Our interests include not only conventional fuels but also alternative and next-generation fuels such as carbon neutral biomass, coal gasification gas and hydrogen. Huge amount of energy is utilized by combustion of fuel in the world. And the demand for energy is still growing. It is very important to understand combustion properties of these fuels for the global warming and energy issue. We investigate the fundamental and practical aspects of combustion properties and techniques by experiments using the apparatus unique in the world and numerical simulation. Our studies also contribute to the developments of automobile engines and combustors in industries.


Professor Toshiaki Kitagawa
Associate Professor Hiroaki Watanabe
Assistant Professor Yukihide Nagano

The Main Research Topics

  • Turbulent premixed flame propagation
  • Combustion of alternative and future fuels such as biomass, coal gasification gas, hydrogen
  • Transient gaseous fuel jet and its combustion
  • Engine knock phenomena
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