Engine Systems


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Engine Systems



Combustion inside the rotary engine
is visualized by a high-speed camera
through a sapphire wall.

We are studying on combustion phenomena mainly related to internal combustion engines. In order to reduce pollutional emissions and maximize thermal efficiency of internal combustion engines, it is important to understand and control the combustion inside. The combustion inside the internal combustion engine is highly complex; namely, mixing of fuel with oxidant, phase transition and thousands of elementary reactions occur at high pressure. In order to understand such complex phenomena and aiming for the development of high-performance engines, we carry out various researches ranging from fundamental researches to application problems of practical techniques.


Professor Eiichi Murase
Associate Professor Osamu Moriue

The Main Research Topics

  • Enhancement of ignition and flame propagation of premixed gases by Pulsed Flame Jet
  • Improvement of thermal efficiency and reduction of pollutional emissions of spark ignition engines
  • Study on vaporization, spontaneous ignition and combustion of fuel sprays
  • Combustion diagnosis by chemiluminescence spectroscopy
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