Vibration and Acoustics


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Vibration and Acoustics



Experiment of active noise control
in anechoic chamber

We study about 'Active noise control in 3-dimensional sound field', 'Acoustic analysis by considering nonlinearity', 'Flexible actuator using magnetic force', and 'Vibration control using magnetic damper', for realizing more comfortable living environment. In addition, we study also about 'Evaluation of comfortableness by biological signal processing', 'Measurement of flexibility of the living body', and 'Sound wave propagation analysis in the living body' for realizing human-machine harmonic society.


Professor Shinya Kijimoto
Associate Professor Satoshi Ishikawa
Assistant Professor Yoshihisa Takayama

The Main Research Topics

  • Active noise control in 3-dimensional sound field
  • Flexible actuator using magnetic force
  • Vibration control using magnetic damper
  • Acoustic analysis by considering nonlinearity
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