Mechanical Vibration


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Mechanical Vibration



Prototype of Tamping Rammer
Having the Generation Mechanism
of Synchronous Vibration


Experiment Apparatus of
Triple-Parallel Inverted Pendulum System

In our laboratory, education and researches associated with dynamics of machinery and mechanical vibration are conducted. In mechanical systems, vibration often occurs because of the repetitive motion. In addition, vibration is a harmful phenomenon in most cases. Our target is solving vibration problems in mechanical systems fundamentally by studying the generation mechanisms of various mechanical vibration using the latest modeling technology and the analysis method. Furthermore, effective utilization of vibration is also studied.


Professor Takahiro Kondou
Associate Professor Hiroki Mori
Assistant Professor Nobuyuki Sowa

The Main Research Topics

  • A High-Performance Method of Vibration Analysis for Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems
  • Optimal Design for Large-Scale Structures Considering Vibration Characteristics
  • Prevention Method for Self-Excited Vibration
  • Development of Mechanical Systems Using Self-Synchronization Phenomena
  • Study on Subspace Control Based on Modal Analysis
  • Nonlinear Pressure Wave Analysis by Concentrated Mass Model
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