Structural Dynamics


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Structural Dynamics



Vibration mode of automotive body

Vibration problem is very important because it controls the quality of machine, and a diagnosis of machine and machine structure is also available by measurement of vibrations and wave propagation. In our laboratory, following studies are currently in operation: 1) Vibration analyses and mechanical design method to improve the quality of machine performance. 2) Self excited vibration, which is a main cause to disturb a normal operation of machine. The characteristic of the self excited vibration is that it is induced by non-oscillatory external force. 3) Novel non-distractive evaluation with ultrasonic wave which passing through a target body. This technique is aiming a frequency component of the ultrasonic wave. 4) A detection technique of a small fault and abnormality in a machine structure through measured vibration data in operation.


Professor Takumi Inoue
Assistant Professor Ren Kadowaki

The Main Research Topics

  • Vibration analysis method
  • Self excited vibration
  • Non-distractive evaluation with ultrasonic wave
  • Detection technique of a small fault and abnormality in a machine structure
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