Mechanical Analysis


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Mechanical Analysis



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Analysis of vibratory response of engine block
copled with rotating shafts.

Main research topics in my laboratory are vibration and noise control of machinery and application of acoustics. Prediction of vibratory response of engine block coupled with the rotating crankshaft, moving piston and evalustion of noise radiated from the engine block have been conducted for more than twenty years. Liner cavitation of cylinder liner of the engine is recent research topics. Research on the flow-induced vibration and noise of tube banks in the heat exchanger are carried out using the test facility of compact wind tunnel. Vibration and acoustic properties of the automatic performing bell is the new research topics of acoustics in which frequency tuning and prediction of sound propagation of various type of bell are discussed.


Professor Kazuhide Ohta

The Main Research Topics

  • Analysis of dynamic response and noise radiation of engine block coupled with rotating crankshaft, moving piston and gear train
  • Liner cavitation induced by piston slap
  • Vibratory and acoustic characteristics of automatic performing bell
  • Flow-induced noise and vibration of the tube array in the heat exchanger
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