System Engineering


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System Engineering



Exoskeleton robot for power assistance


Development of surgical robot

Our research focuses on the development of new Robotic devices in order to promote the improved effectiveness in clinical practice as well as quality of life for the users. Robotic technology involves many components such as mechanism, control, sensor and software. We believe that the creative ingenuity is the source for introducing the robotic technology into the human-centered medical applications beyond the conventional industrial technologies. One example of our study is the development of a wearable assistive robot that can provide natural motion of the user combined with new mechanism and intelligent control. We are especially interested in the area of rehabilitation robots, surgical robots, motion assist robots, and biological body simulators.


Professor Kazuo Kiguchi
Associate Professor Jumpei Arata
Assistant Professor Yasutaka Tsuji

The Main Research Topics

  • Robots in medical and welfare applications
  • Wearable power assistive robots
  • Surgical robots
  • Efficiency study in Factory Automation
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